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Air Conditioning installations are carried out to an extremely high standard.
APB Services has invested heavily in specialist tools and lifting equipment to allow the installation to be carried out safely, properly, quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

The correct installation of Air Conditioning particularly with the newer Refrigerant Gasses requires a very careful and meticulous approach to ensure a long trouble free and leak free life. To enable pipe flare connections to be made correctly (and remain leak free), it is necessary for a special flaring tool to be used. The joint must then be tightened just enough to provide a 100% seal but not over tightened to cause excess stress (another potential for leakage). APB Services uses the appropriate torque wrench to achieve the correct tension on the mechanical joints.

Any brazing is kept to a minimum – again to reduce the potential for leaks. An Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration system must be kept meticulously dust free and moisture free. Just the smallest amount of dust and/or less than one water droplet is enough to completely wreck an A/C system which quite often would not give trouble until the installing company has been paid and gone. APB Services uses best industry practices (based on over 30 years of experience) to ensure there is no way dust or moisture can enter the pipes. Any brazed joints are again kept perfectly clean by using a constant Nitrogen Purge for the duration of the brazing process.

In the A/C industry quality matters for a safe and trouble free installation.